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Larry Copenhaver

Exhibiting May-June 2023

at Lewis & Clark Library

About the Artist:

Larry Copenhaver was born and raised in the Pennsylvania Dutch country, painting oils with his Mom. He attended West Virginia University and was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a Wildlife and Fish Sciences major. Larry has always been a hunter, angler, birdwatcher, and naturalist with an artist's touch.

Arriving in Montana in 1980, Larry became the Charter President of the newly formed Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon Society, and one of the roles he played was illustrating the chapter newsletter with pen-and-ink drawings of mostly birds which attracted requests for more. Birds, fish, and strong conservation values remained dominant in his choice of subjects. As years went by, other media adding color to his drawings evolved – watercolor, colored inks and pastels.

Scratchboard with associated colored inks and watercolors now dominates his renditions of fish and birds and is dominant in his current project depicting “Upland Gamebirds of Montana."

At 71 years old, he continues to enjoy Montana’s small streams and rivers, the mushrooms –learning more edible species all the time- birds, and edible plants to accompany meals of wild meat and fish.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the Library, email suzanne@lclibrary.org 

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The Lewis & Clark Library displays art made by the community around the library. If you are interested in exhibiting your work, please contact Suzanne at 406-447-6681 or suzanne@lclibrary.org.