Adventure Lab


What is an Adventure Lab®? 

Explore the world around you in a whole new way with Geocaching Adventure Lab® outdoor scavenger hunts! Community-generated scavenger hunts let you uncover hidden gems, learn local trivia, discover landmarks, and everyday treasures through an interactive, outdoor, and contactless experience.

How do I start?

To begin an Adventure, download the official app for your iPhone or Android phone. From the app, find the Helena in Poetry adventure. Signing up is simple. You can create an account for free in a matter of minutes. The app will then guide you through the process of finding clues, solving puzzles and completing the Adventure one location at a time.

What do I win if I complete all 10 locations on the Lewis & Clark Library’s Adventure Lab?

The satisfaction of finishing the game, time spent outside, AND a free button! You can get your button at the Lewis & Clark Library’s front desk.