Can I request genealogies or other family history materials?

Genealogies are difficult to borrow. Please always make genealogy requests in the form of photocopy requests, since most libraries will not lend entire volumes. Fewer copies were printed and they are rare. They may be only available on microfilm.

Sometimes they may be restricted to in-library use. There is frequently a charge. Check individual state historical society sites for newspaper reel numbers and costs. There are only a few who will not lend their film.

In your search for information, don't forget about the Lewis & Clark County Genealogical Society. can be used on the library computers. Heritage Quest can be used from home using your library card and password.

Another good local resource is the Family History Center at 1610 East 6th Avenue. Their phone number is 406-443-0716.

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5. Can I request genealogies or other family history materials?
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