Does the library use filtering software on its computers?
Lewis & Clark Library believes that filtering software can be a helpful tool for parents in the home but is not appropriate in a public place such as the library for several reasons.

First, filtering technology has not been perfected. It does not allow for individual choice and imposes filtering on everyone - whether or not they wish to have their choices subject to filters.

Second, filtering is a one-size-fits all "solution." It treats a 6-year-old, a 16-year-old, and a 60-year-old the same. It may even block useful information. For example, one system was found to filter the phrase "sexual harassment."

Third, it’s impossible to block all inappropriate sites, both because of the way filters work and the fact that the Internet changes very fast. Filtering software can give parents a false sense of security and could even make the library liable if parents believe their children have been protected from "offensive materials."

Lewis and Clark Library encourages parents to come to the library with their children and supervise their internet use. We believe parents should decide for their own children what they wish them to see and read.

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